Venice with kids

When you plan for Venice holidays with kids, they will certainly enjoy it a lot: no cars, a lot of bridges and a lot to discover. The question arises, are there playgrounds as well? You would not believe it – yes, there are indeed several very nice playgrounds for babies and kids in Venice. Please find our selection of the top six in this map.

Right at the entrance to Venice, once you arrive at Piazzale Roma or the Santa Lucia Railway station, across the canal, there is the playground in Sestiere Santa Croce. Very nice, clean, in a beautiful green park, with padded tiles below the playground features.

Playground in the Giardini Pubblici

Beautiful playground in the Parco delle Remembranze

Beautiful playground in the Parco delle Remembranze

Playground in Venice on the Lido, Via Malamocco

Playground in Venice on the Lido, Via Malamocco








A nice and cosy playground is in the Giardini Pubblici, divided into a baby area and a kids area.

The beautiful playground in the Parco delle Remembranze is absolutely worth visiting. It is located in a great park with high trees in the domestic area of the city, on the island of Santa Elena. It offers a lot of space and even a soccer field is present. There is a beautiful view of San Giorgio Maggiore, which you can see while looking through the trees.

In Giudecca, there is a small playground in a silent and pleasant domestic area of the city.

Right on the Lungomare of the Lido, there is a nice and functional playground. This is a very good starting point after you rent your bike.

Our favorite playground is on the Lido, a 15 to 20 minutes bike ride to the south from the Vaporetto station, on the Via Malamocco, crossing with Via Simone Occhi, right across a small marina. It is one of the biggest we know, a lot of features and space, very relaxed. Take a picnic with you and stay longer. Best is to arrive by bike.

Here is a map with these recommended playgrounds in Venice so you can plan your trip around them.