To prepare intellectually for your Venice holidays, in this section you will find a selection of recommended books and movies about beautful Venice.


Dont-look-back-Venice-1973Don’t look now, 1973: an old and shocking thriller set in Venice, starring Donald Sutherland, based on a short story by Daphne Du Maurier. You can find more information about the movie and order it here.






The-Tourist-VeniceThe Tourist: a thrilling movie starring Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie, against the magnificient scenery of Venice. Do not read to much about it upfront, rather watch it. You can order this thrilling movie here.






Senso-Venice-1954Senso 1954: by the famous director Lucino Visconti: a famous old movie, is old in its visual quality, but full of thrilling moments and seduction. If you love old movies with a style you can hardly find any more in modern movies, order it here.







A-stopover-in-VeniceA stopover in Venice: A woman gettin lost in Italy and finding her way to venice, A mystic story about the path of a woman who gets lost in Italy and is being led to Venice.








Secret-gardens-in-VeniceSecret gardens in Venice: the title says it all. A very beautiful book with an unusual and unexpected view on Venice.







The-memories-of-Casanova-VeniceThe memoirs of Casanova – The story of my life: A must read. One of the most famous novels in the world. Casanova writes about his memories, also during his life in Venice.






Venetian-affairA Venetian affair – A true tale of Forbidden Love in the 18th century: a historic novel, thrilling and exciting all til the end. You get a lot of impressions about life in Venice in the 18th century, which is what makes this book truely impressive.