• The island of San Michele

    On the northern shore of Venice, on the Vaporetto line towards the island of Murano ...

Mystic Venice in autumn

In autumn, Venice becomes a mystic place. Covered in fog, it unveils a scenery like in a movie. It is a good time to visit Venice. During the day, it can get warm and sunny, at night, you need a jacket. The fog and the occasional fog just add to the scenery – it hardly […]

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The Venetian sandwiches Cicchetti

Cicchetti are small sandwiches which come in many different variations and are typically Venetian. They artfully combine local food – meat and seafood alike – and are a perfect companion to a glass of Aperol Venetiano or wine. Typically you would order several of the sandwiches at once and receive them on a plate you […]

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Trattoria al Ponte

This nice restaurant lies idyllically at the cannal and a bridge, which is where it derives it name from (al ponte means bridge in Italian). It is located in the district of San Croce, in an area where there are a lot of inhabitants and a little far off the tourist tracks. Therefore, locals go […]

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The Traghetto

In Venice there are seven thraghetti. A thragetto is a gondola, which goes back and forth across the Canale Grande like a ferry (thraghetto in Italian actually means ferry). In our point of view, the thraghetti are a major attraction to visit more than once while visiting Venice. On the one side they are very […]

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