Travel to Venice

To travel to Venice is easy as the island is very well connected by many means of transport. Most travelers and guests arrive via the Venice airport Marco Polo. The Venice airport is internationally well connected with many direct lines to important mayor desinations and has a throughput of around seven million passengers per year. Travellers can board the busses to Venice. One bus goes to Venice Santa Lucia – the railway station on the island itself. The other bus goes to Venice Mestre, which is the railway station on the mainland. Here are further information for travelling to Venice by air.

Burano_lonely island

Make sure to visit the lonely island of Burane when you travel to Venice

Very popular is also to travel to Venice by train. The main directions are from Vienna, Munich, Milano and from Rome. The lines are predominantly served by the national Italian rail operator TRENITALIA. You arrive at the Venice Santa Lucia railway station, right on the island. The railway station has a very favorable spot on the entrance of the island of Venice and offers visitors a first fascinating view on the Canale Grande and the beautiful architecture.

If you would prefer to drive to Venice by car, the city is also easily reachable by car, however once you arrive you have to say goodbye to your car. There are three parking garages right at the entrance of the island. Worth mentioning is the nice bridge towards the island from the mainland, which offers already a fascinating view of what is to be expected. Fascinating as well seeing the end of the street in einer Wende right after you enter the island and pass the parking garages. A hint I want to share is to take the elevator all the way up of one of the parking garages, to the eight floor. From there you have a hardly known spot with a beautiful view on the entire island. There is a direct street to the harbor where you can board the ferries, for instance the ferries to Lido de Venezia, operated by the public transport company ACTV. The ferries are connecting Venice well with the surrounding island and even some destinations further away, like Istria and the Island of Mali Losinj in Croatia, Durres in Albania or Bari in southern Italy.

There is also the possibility to travel to Venice by bus.

Once you arrive, you will dig into a charming and different world – no cars, a lot of water and waterways with all kinds of boats. A lot of walking, bridges all along the way and a fascinating architecture with a lot of history.


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