Travel to Venice by car

The probably most convenient way to arrive to Venice is by car, if it weren’t for the difficult parking situation due to the narrow space. However, if you know where to look it is no problem at all. You can park either directly on the island, or park on the mainland, in Venezia Mestre, and take the short and direkt train ride to the island. Here are the options:  

Parking directly on the island:

View on the parking garage at Piazalle Roma, with the Vaporetto stations in the front

There is a direct highway to Venice, which ends on the island, at the reversement on Piazzale Roma. Once there, there are three parking garages as well as the road to the port with the ferry connections to the Lido di Venezia: The Azienda Servizi Mobilita with the City parking garage “Autorimessa comunale”, the Garage San Marco Spa and before you even reach teh reversement on Piazzale Roma, basically the first turn right after you arrive at the island, you can drive to the park house of Tronchetto. Tronchetto is on the northwestern-most part of the island and a cable car which is hanging in the air is transporting the passengers back to Piazzale Roma.

A secret hint: from the top view of the garage, on the tenth floor, you have one of the best views on Venice – don’t miss it if you arrive by car.

 Everything goes smoothly once you park. Cross the Piazzale Roma and head towards the Canale Grande. There you will find booths to by your Vaporetto public transportation tickets. Also the first stations are there. Either directly on the Piazzale Roma or a few meters further on right ahead of the Santa Lucia railway station. Directly from the Piazzale Roma you have the first bridge to cross, a modern style bridge built by the famous Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava. From there – you will have the first astonishing view on the Canale Grande. It is a moment you should hold still for a minute and enjoy.

View on the Calatrava bride, the first bridge crossing Canale Grande

View across the Piazalle Roma onto the skyline of Venice

The Piazalle Roma from above – bus stations at the reversement







 Parking in Venice Mestre, just on the main land side of Venice:

If you are looking for a more affordable way to park but still want to have a minimal travel time to Venice, go for the Parcheggo Stazione parking garage. It is right across the railway station of Venice Mestre, where you can board one of the frequent trains to Venice Santa Lucia Railway station. The ticket is cheap and the ride takes only five minutes. The park house is guarded.