Things to do in Venice

There are several things to do in Venice. It is difficult to make a top list of things to do in Venice, however here are some suggestion. Look at our map of sights in Venice and please make also sure to check out our 23 things to do in Venice article. Here are some more recommendations:

Enjoying a bicyle ride on Lido di Venezia

An island of its own, the last frontier towards the open Adriatic sea, with long sandy beaches, nice villas, beautiful views on the island of Venice and the other smaller islands in between (e.g. Isola di San Servolo, Isola La Grazia, Isola di San Lazzaro degli Armeni and the Isola del Lazzaretto Vecchio).  It is a special feeling once you arrive here from Venice, seeing streets, cars and busses again, however knowing you are on a small island again.

Diving into the history in the Museo Storico Navale

This museum is a must for everyone interested in the rich history of Venice. Even though the museum does not reflect the former importance of Venice as trading, diplomatic and naval power adequately, it is still the only museum of its kind.  The museum is located right in front of the Arsenal at a very nice spot.

Piazza San Marco - Seaside view

Piazza San Marco – Seaside view

Enjoying the view from Isola di San Giorgio Maggiore

Right across the tourist-overloaded Piazza die San Marco, there is the small island of Isola die San Giorgio Maggiore. You have a beautiful view from there, especially if you climb the tower of the cathedral of San Giorgio Maggiore. I also enjoy to walk past the small but nice marina, watching the yachts there and capturing a glimpse of the intense boat traffic around. There is a nice green park with an arena on the island as well.

Grasping the feeling of the former might at the Doge’s Palace

Even though one of the top crowded sights in Venice, it is still a must to see.  It has a very impressive architecture and history. Take the tour and dive into this center of might for  so long in Europe.

Fishmarket in Venice

Fishmarket in Venice

Stroll around the Fish market

Of the many things to see in Venice, this is one of my favorites. Don’t sleep too long otherwise you will miss the lively market right in the north of the Rialto bridge. It is very charming to feel the atmosphere of the streets around the market, the market itself and the market hall. Join the people standing around, drinking their Aperol Veneziano or Aperol Spritz.

Have a drink at night at the Campo Santa Margherita

Basically every Campo and Piazalle is charming at night and full of people sitting in the trattorias, bars and restaurants or just walking around. One of the open places to see, not just because it is quite big for Venetian terms  is the Campo Santa Margherita in the western part of the Island, called Venezia Sestiere Dorsoduro.

Explore the art in Murano and the famous Buranello biscuit in Burano

The island of Murano is – already for centuries – known for its art made of glass. Many manufacturers have their showrooms there and some even open the doors into the manufacturing halls. It is very charming to walk around this small island and explore the many facets of art and chandeliers of glas. The island of Murano as well as the island of Burano are easily reachable via the public transport boats.

A little further away then Murano is the island of Burano. Even smaller than Murano, it is non the less charming, with the houses painted in all different colors shining in the sun. Buy and try the Buranello, the typical and famous biscuit from there.

Evening romance in Venice

Evening romance in Venice

Enjoy the romantic sunset view from the sea walkway at the Giardini Pubblici

At the western end of the main island, the Giardini Pubblici are the green lungs of the city. Quite big and very relaxing, they are a favorite spot of the local inhabitants and families with kids. Very romantic, especially at dusk, as the sun sets against the scenery of the city. Out of the many things to see in Venice, this is for romantics.

Ingest into the glamour of the Venice Bienale and the Venice Film Festival

As part of the La Biennale di Venezia, the international Venice Film Festival takes place every year at the end of August and the beginning of September. Many known stars and starlets make their appearances. If you happen to be there, join into this glamour of global significance. This is certainly one of the things to see in Venice which is special.

There ar many more things to see in Venice so I will add soon more.