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The Venetian sandwiches Cicchetti

Cicchetti are small sandwiches which come in many different variations and are typically Venetian. They artfully combine local food – meat and seafood alike – and are a perfect companion to a glass of Aperol Venetiano or wine. Typically you would order several of the sandwiches at once and receive them on a plate you […]

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Cantina do Mori

This bar does not look very inviting from the outside but is very popular amongst locals and in the meantime also amongst tourists. It is believed to be the oldest bar in Venice, dating back to the year 1463. It is really tiny but has a great interieur made of wood, barrels and pans and […]

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Osteria al Squero

A very nice and typical place for Venetians, an osteria and restaurant to have their cicchetti, in- or outside of the Osteria. Outside on the walk right nest to the canal and across the canal of one of the few remaining handcraft shipyards for the Venetian gondolas, the San shipyard. You can have a good […]

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