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at our site you will find an abundance of useful and not so commonly found information about the beautiful islands which compose Venice. Venice: a place full of magic, marvelous colors, incredible history you can feel and see at every step you take, highly romantic and even after many visits still exciting and inspiring. On, find useful hints on what to do in summer, autumn, winter and spring, for yourself as single traveler, as couple travelers but also when you come with your family and kids. You will find information about handpicked and recommended hotels and accommodation in Venice, sights to see, Venetian restaurants and places to visit in Venice. Apart from that, we have a special section on travelling Venice with kids, useful service information as well as something about the rich history of Venice. Our site is being enhanced continuously which is why it is certainly enriching for you to come back to our site once in a while. In the following, please find a detailed list of useful information for your Venice holidays and resources for Venice:

Restaurants in Venice

You can eat and dine excellently in Venice: Fish, Pasta, the typical Venetian Chicceti along the channels, together with good and affordable wine, f.i. the Fragolino. Take a look at these recommended Venetian restaurants:

Here you can find a visual map of our recommended restaurants in Venice.

Hotels in Venice

In Venice, you will find hotels for each price span, from budget to luxury. However, in all categories you can find excellent quality and a cosy atmosphere. We have compiled a list of hand-picked accommodations in Venice, mostly hotels. Here is our visual map of these hotels in Venice and the list of the top 15 hotels in Venice. Here some of them are one by one:

In Venice with kids

Venice is an ideal place to visit with your kids. There are no cars, no noise, fresh mediterranean air, a lot of space for walking and running. Here are some recommendations for visiting Venice with kids:

Interesting books and movies you should read and see before your visit to Venice:

There are so many books about Venice. We have compiled a few we believe are worth purchasing and reading. The same is true for the selected movies set in the scenery of Venice: take a look at these media recommendations for Venice.

A photo gallery of Venice and Venice on Tumblr: here is our Tumblr photo gallery for Venice.

Sights in Venice:

Here is the visual map of the sights in Venice we believe you should see. Please check out our 23 things to do in Venice.

Get to know districts and special places in Venice:

Other useful general information about Venice:

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