Madonna dell’Orto

The Church of Madonna dell’Orto is located in the northern region of Cannaregio and is one of the most interesting and biggest churches in Venice and one of the most beautiful gothic buildings in Venice. It was built in the 14th century, when the island was extended to the north through new land. At the end of the 14th century the church was started to be called by its today’s name Madonna dell’Orto after a statue of Holy virgin Mary was placed into the church. The statue was believed to be miraculous. The famous Venetian painter Jacopo Tintoretto lived just a few meters away from the church and is buried in the church – you can visit his grave there. You can still pass by his former home, which is on the Fondamenta dei Mori, where you pass by when going to Madonna dell’Orto. Between 1552 to 1569 Tintoretto realized ten paintings which are still in the church.


The beautiful church of Madonna dell’Orto

Here is the official homepage of the church of Madonna dell’Orto.

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Madonna dell\'Orto 45.446508, 12.332622 Madonna dell\'Orto Cannareggio, 3512 30121 Venezia Further information  



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