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Hotel Al Ponte Mocenigo **: 45.440966, 12.330466
Residence Corte Grimani: 45.435104, 12.335758
Oltre Il Giardino : 45.437937, 12.327835
Canale Grande Venezia: 45.441498, 12.324042
Al Ponte Antico Hotel: 45.438815, 12.336413
Hotel Antiche Figure: 45.440321, 12.322023
Hotel Le Isole: 45.435113, 12.342442
Hotel Londra Palac: 45.434215, 12.343204
Hotel Palazzo Stern: 45.433182, 12.326977
Palazzo Sant’Angelo: 45.435443, 12.330185
Palazzo Sant//\' Angelo: 45.435388, 12.330174
Hotel Moresco ****: 45.436127, 12.321155
The Gritti Palace *****: 45.431629, 12.333247
Ca/' Maria Adele: 45.430281, 12.334293
Hotel Ai Reali ****: 45.437057, 12.337687
Hotel Arcadia ***: 45.443738, 12.326445
Hotel Corte di Gabriela ****: 45.434872, 12.331794
B&B Sandra: 45.443065, 12.333783
Hotel Carlton on the Grand Canal: 45.440079, 12.321811
Locanda Orseolo: 45.434742, 12.336313


Every traveller will find an adequate accomodation in Venice. The abundance of offerings includes high end hotels like the Danieli and the Cipriani, elegant five and four star places in traditional houses, budget accommodation with very good but sometimes very poor quality and very cheap and shabby places. The best is to follow recommendations by friends or other travelers in choosing your accommodation of choice.

In general you should decide in which part of the city you want to reside and find your accomodation in Venice. There is the main walkway circle where most tourist walk with a lot of offerings either directly on the walkway  or right into a side street. You can stay on the broad and impressive Riva degli Schiavone, the walkway right on the waterfrontwhich passes the Piazza San Marco and offers a nice long walk towards the eastern part of the island. If you choose to experience the feeling of the local inhabitants in more silent quarters of the island, look around at the Cannaregio area in the northern part of the island or in the Dorseduro area in the southern part with the elegant and very charming Zattero walkway, from where you can watch the sunsets. Very charming is also the island Guidecca. If you need some more distance from the intense life on the main island, Lido de Venezia offers some distance, streets for nice bicycle rides and long sandy beaches.

Besides hotels, there are many apartments you can choose from, in case you would like to cook you own pasta at some time during your visit.

Be careful to choose well as the quality standards vary significantly. I have to say that we never were disappointed so far.

Please find a comprehensive list of hotels in Venice here:

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** For two star hotels click here (29 hotels offered).

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