A Travel guide for Venice, Italy

Venice, surrounded by the sea – the most picturesque city in the world.

If your are considering to visit Venice, you should do it. You have arrived at the right site for that. We will help you to grasp the full beauty and charm of this beautiful city by avoiding the traditional tourist trails and by giving you insights and support in planning and navigation.

Venice is not just a city in Italy. It used to be the capital of one of Europe’s mightiest empires, dominating the trade within Europe and Asia and building its unbelievable fortune on it. In Venice you will find stunning palaces, beautiful canals crossing the city, an abundance of islands, friendly people welcoming you and a cosy, car-free net of small walks and places.

Useful information for your Venice trip

On this site with our travel guide for Venice, we will share with you our hints and experiences. Amongst them our site will give you information on the following:

  • A suggestion on things to see in Venice, like visiting the many museums in Venice, taking a tour with the Vaporetto dell’ Arte (the Art Vaporetto which runs along the Canale Grande)
  • Find charming places to eat or have a drink at night.
  • If you are planning to visit Venice with kids, you can look at our guide of playgrounds in Venice
  • Chose an atmospheric place to stay in our list of recommended hotels in Venice
  • Dig into the fascinating history of Venice
  • Take a look at practical information such as the Venice weather forecast, the Venice map and important service information for visiting Venice.
  • Or simply get into the feeling for visiting Venice by taking a look into our Venice gallery.
  • Do not forget to visit the other islands surrounding Venice like the charming art island of Murano, just a few minutes away from Venice. Don’t miss the small and colorful island of Burano, where each house is painted in another color so the fishermen could find their house when approaching their island.

Go discover our guide for Venice and comment.

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